Roger founded  the FinKraft Cycling Team in 2010 . The Team  is now one of the New York metropolitan area’s premier master’s Team . The team has grown a lot since and now  consists of 4 different divisions with about 50 athletes on the team   ; Road Men , OFF Road , a separate Women’s Team  and a Multi- Sport Team ( running and Triathlon). The team competes in amateur races held mostly in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions , but  we also attend the US  national championships in the disciplines like Road, Cyclocross, Mountain Biking and occasionally the Masters Worlds.

When we work  as a team not just in sports success often comes and great results  .Our main goal is to have fun and bond with people who all has the same interest though and  not just race. Train , travel and socialize on and off the bike is often way more important building a team.

The future goal with FinKraft is to have a Junior Development Team and with the support of our existing core group help this program grow and  get more kids into sports that FinKraft stands for.