Fusion CyclesFusion Cycles Inc.

A great local bike shop with exceptionally knowledgeable employees. Fast service and super friendly attitude . Lewis and Louis run a fantastic local business all around . I highly recommend Fusion Cycles to anyone who rides a bicycle, from entry level all the way to experienced riders and racers .


We have looked for some time to get a connection to a solid tire producer who can provide for the highest product quality while also be willing to work with us on a grassroots level. We found just that with Schwalbe and Schwalbe has already provided us with great pricing for our past camps. SCHWALBE, with world headquarters in Reichshof-Wehnrath, Germany, is the foremost bicycle tire company in all of Western Europe and now in North America! Schwalbe tires have won many tests over the years in terms of lowest rolling resistance, durability and overall quality.

Verge Sport

Our team uniform designers at Verge are consistently working closely with Roger on his own design ideas and input. Their great knowledge and flexibility combined with personal friendships we share with them make them our logical choice for the team kit supplier. They use the highest industry fabrics to provide you with super fitting great looking clothing.

Verge Sport™ was founded by cyclists who identified a need for a new kind of clothing supplier – one that could give special attention to product quality and customer service. We’ve made it our business to know what cyclists need; we’ve made it our passion to provide it. Numerous cyclists already know that our clothing and customer service are world class. Returning customers will see that we’ve taken our designs, materials and customer service to new levels.

GU Energy

Athletes everywhere appreciate the taste, convenience and performance enhancing benefits of GU Energy Gel and Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel. But few give much thought to how or where these gels are produced and packaged. You might be interested to learn a bit about the GU factory and the exceptional care that goes into every packet we create.

As we mix each batch of GU, the formula for every flavor is double checked against the super-secret master recipe. Our Director of R&D sources only the highest quality ingredients and happily rejects raw materials if they are off spec. He also oversees the production process from soup to nuts, ensuring precision in the mixing process. Texture, taste, pH? all good? He’s also the in-house go-to guy for our never ending sports nutrition questions – we make sure he puts his degree to good use!